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Solid Timber

Solid timber flooring will give your home a look of pure quality and luxury. It is the best option for durability and can be installed over concrete, timber subfloors and joists. Solid timber flooring is very easy to maintain by simply sweeping, vacuuming or using a suitable floor cleaning product.

A benefit of choosing solid timber flooring is that we can provide such a large range of timber. We can supply most new or recycled native and imported timbers. These can be sourced in a variety of profiles and widths to suit your space. Solid timber flooring may change colour over many years due to UV light but the good news is that it can be sanded and recoated.

We can supply and install tongue and groove flooring, parquet block flooring or a combination of both. Nothing compares to a solid timber floor.

All timber floors have different grading for their durability and hardness. Many types of timber can be supplied in either premium grade (minimal knots) or a rustic grade (lots of knots) to suit the look that you are wanting to achieve.

Finesse Floors provide a number of services including, but not limited to, the following:
- Uplifting and removing current flooring
- Concrete grinding and applying moisture barrier over concrete slabs
- Moisture testing
- Leveling and pre sanding to ensure a good foundation
- Installing timber flooring
- Sanding and coating 

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