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Floor Sanding

This stage is where you will have many options in terms of the finish and the colour. We can provide you with the exact look you desire and the best advice on which type of polyurethane or oil finish will make your space stand out.


Moisture Cured (Solvent Based) Polyurethane

This is a solvent based urethane that will provide you with the most durable and moisture resistant finish possible. This is available in High Gloss, Gloss, Satin (semi-gloss) and Lo Sheen. This is a good option for darker woods such as Jarrah and Kwila. It is very easy to maintain and clean simply by sweeping or vacuuming. This product has a fully cured time of 7-14 days.


Water Borne (Water Based) Polyurethane

Water-based urethane is also very durable and moisture resistant. A real benefit of using a water-based finish is that there is no odour, meaning it can be applied in any situation. This is available in Satin (semi-gloss), Matte & Natural and has the ability to be white washed. This is a good option for light woods and has a much quicker drying time than solvent based urethane. Each coat will dry in between 2-8 hours meaning multiple coats can be applied in a day. This product also has a fully cured time of 7-14 days.

Oil Finishes

This is a natural alternative to using polyurethane. The biggest difference between using natural oil and polyurethane is that oil has tiny individual particles that bond to the timber whereas polyurethane particles bond together creating a single sheet once dry. Oil finishes have a very natural and matte look to them and do require some maintenance approximately every 2-6 months. A benefit to selecting an oil finish is that if lightly scratched it may be repaired by rubbing more oil into the scratch.